Ridgebacks & Friends

Dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming Rhodesian Ridgebacks and Ridgeback mixes in California. Potential adopters must meet the dog(s) prior to adoption.

The purpose of Ridgeback & Friends is to save Rhodesian Ridgebacks and Ridgeback mixes in California and place them in suitable homes. While the focus remains on saving dogs from California's high-intake shelters, some of the dogs come into rescue as owner surrenders or homeless strays. All dogs are carefully screened for good behavior and receive proper veterinary care, including spay/neuter surgery and vaccinations, before being matched with appropriate adopters. The group provides sanctuary to a limited number of sick and/or under socialized dogs.  

We are 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charity. 



Cover photo courtesy of Andrea Altman. 

To inquire about adopting one of our dogs, please fill out this form.

ADOPTION PROCESS: We require an interview, reference check and home safety check. We also require that all potential adopters, as well as all family members (including canine), meet the dog prior to adoption. 

Our RidgeFriend DAVEY is an absolute SWEETHEART. He’s a happy 1 Y.O. pitty mix with a very loving nature. Wherever he goes, strangers are drawn to him and he loves to meet new people and other dogs. He looks a bit like a cartoon in person, because he has a big dog head and a little body. Davey has not chewed anything in the house. He’s crate trained and housetrained for the most part. If he has a rare accident, it’s always on a pee-pee pad. Davey doesn’t whine and responds well to “no”. He’s still learning commands like “sit” but is eager to learn and he just wants to please his human. He would benefit from a basic obedience class, especially if he will live with small kids. Davey loves belly rubs and cuddles and would do well in a home with one or many people. He is working on his socialization with other dogs. He’s happiest if he’s allowed to cuddle on the couch and bed with his human(s). He was recently neutered and weighs 40-45 lbs. Anyone would be incredibly lucky to add this sweet angel to their family. Davey is currently in the Los Angeles CA area.  

Davey was recently featured on KTLA 5 in Los Angeles - see his video here (scroll to the second video).

The minute we saw Brutus' picture and video at the Camarillo Shelter, we knew we had to help him. He and his beagle pal, Archie, were surrendered by their owner who could no longer take care of them.  Archie, the beagle was quickly adopted but Brutus had some real health issues, namely he couldn't stop itching and a lot of his hair had fallen out. He also had huge scars from scratching himself and his teeth were worn down from him trying to stop the itching as best he could. This had clearly been going on for years. We decided he would be the perfect dog to launch Soraya's Seniors, an arm of R&F named in honor of our beloved Board Member who unexpectedly and tragically passed away this year.  When we contacted the shelter, the staff almost wept with joy. He had become a favorite of theirs because he is so incredibly sweet and they were doing EVERYTHING they could for him to bring him some relief. We got him to several vets and a specialist and with their help, and the dedication of his amazing foster mom, Diane, Brutus has stopped scratching and his hair has begun to grow back. When he started to feel better, we brought him to our favorite place on earth, THE ZEN DOG, for a little socializing. They reported that he is a sweetheart but that he was absolutely clueless how to be a dog. He was SO clueless that they had to teach him how to properly greet another dog - i.e., sniff their butt and let them sniff him. He made great progress but could definitely use some more socializing time but we don't want that getting in the way of him finding his forever home. Brutus is a big boy and 7.5 years old. He is PHENOMENAL around all people and even kids. He can be left alone uncrated. He is just happy to be loved, safe AND NOT SCRATCHING. Brutus' medical care for allergies will continue to be supported by our "Soraya's Seniors" fund.